The Olalenge family, living in a rural Nigerian village called Okeho, faced challenges due to limited access to reliable lighting. When they first moved into their new home, they relied on a single, smoky kerosene lamp for illumination. After sunset, their activities were shrouded in relative darkness. ABIKE OLALENGE, along with her younger brother Kehinde, was raised by their father, Adewale, after their father passed away in 2012.

Sunking Solar Light

Adewale worked hard to rebuild their lives, constructing a beautiful home by hand and engaging in cattle farming for income. However, the lack of proper lighting hindered their daily activities. They couldn’t read at night, cook comfortably, or even make their bed due to the perpetual darkness in their room1.


But then, something remarkable happened. Through the “Solarity Partnership” program, the Olalenge family received nearly Home 60 & home 120 Sunking solar lights. This initiative, launched by Vanpeux in collaboration with various organizations, aimed to promote solar technology in Okeho village. The program distributed solar lights to students and families, including the Olalenge. Additionally, larger solar home lighting systems were provided to teachers, classrooms, medical staff, and Village Council Offices to support critical educational, medical, and social services for the community.

The impact was profound. Johnson and Andrew could now read storybooks, do their school homework, and even teach each other using the bright solar light. The increased study hours allowed them to excel academically. Moreover, the brightness of the solar lights enabled multiple students to study collaboratively, fostering a sense of community and shared learning.

From increasing study hours to allowing families to enjoy dinner together after sunset, the Solarity Partnership’s  program demonstrated that solar lights are much more than mere illumination. They empower education, strengthen communities, and transform lives. The project continues to measure the impact of solar products on children’s education, attendance, and academic performance, reinforcing the importance of sustainable energy solutions in underserved areas1.

Solar lights not only brightened the Olalenge family’s home but also ignited hope, learning, and togetherness. Their story serves as a testament to the transformative power of clean energy in improving lives and fostering lifelong learning. 🌟🌞🏡

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Remember, every beam of light brings with it the promise of a brighter future! 😊🌟