Solar energy is becoming more common place in homes and offices, but its also a great resource for energy when you are on the move.  Solar inverters that are compact and lightweight are designed specifically for ease of mobility and can help to provide clean and free energy to your next camping trip, boat excursion, or as a back up in the case of power failure or natural disaster.

Solar inverters works when solar panels receive energy in the form of sunlight, they produce direct current DC energy. The circuit in the cells of the solar panel collect the DC energy and use it to power items in your homes. But most appliances uses alternating current or AC energy. That’s where solar inverter come in.  Solar inverter are used to change the solar energy from DC to AC, making it more useful to power everything in your homes from your fridge to your television set.

Solar panels used on a home require a large scale solar inverter to convert their energy from DC to AC  and feed any leftover energy to the grid. But homes aren’t the only units powered by the sun. Solar panels are also found on mobile and RV homes, used at camping sites, on commercial and recreational boats, at outdoors job sites, and as a backup for personal use if disaster strikes and your home loses power.

The solar inverters we have included on our list would not be appropriate for powering the average sized home, but they are great to use while camping, on a boat or to keep  as backup for power outages . If you need something to help power your next outdoor adventures or want to be ready in cases of any emergency, these solar inverters are proven to last for hours and help keep you and your loves ones.

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Making Your Home More Self-Sufficient

Becoming more self-sufficient entails giving the environment a break. By being self-sufficient, you decrease your dependence on the environment, by using the earth’s natural resources to create your own sustainability.

Originally humankind lived for centuries by being self-sufficient, now we depend negatively on the earth’s resources, causing an imbalance and a negative impact on the earth.

 Below you can find out how to start making your home more self-sufficient.

What is a self-sufficient home?

Creating a self-sufficient home doesn’t mean you need to live off the grid completely, but it means creating a home that supplies its own energy, lifestyle etc.

Benefits of a self-sufficient home

Establishing a self-sufficient home means you reduce your carbon footprint and energy consumption that have a negative impact on the environment. You’re also living a much more financially independent and billfree lifestyle as you’re making your own resources.

 Below are some ways you can start establishing a self-sufficient home:

Alternative energy

Save a ton of energy consumption by using alternative energy methods. Switching to renewable energy like solar power may seem a little costly at first, but it’s extremely beneficial in the long run. Since you’re creating your own energy, it will save you a lot of money by not having to pay for electricity.  You can start by installing solar panels called Photovoltaic (PV) on the roof, which uses devices that generate electricity from saving up direct sunlight all day. But make sure it’s in an area that gets undisputed sunlight all year long.

Heating systems

Alternative heating options can be done through solar energy as well. Solar heating is capable of heating your water and saving energy. Water heating systems are achieved with a solar collector, insulated piping and a hot water storage tank. A self-sufficient home is one that provides itself with its own heat, and so you can allow your home to create heat by doing it traditionally.


Use LED light bulbs.

Replacing your non LED bulbs with LED bulbs it another way to reduce your energy consumption and become more sufficient.

LED bulb requires less energy, does not overheat and brighter than other bulbs.

Creating a self-sufficient home with renewable energy,not only makes you independent but it benefits the environment greatly. It may seem like a lot of work at first, but the rewards are more worthy. Establishing a green life will preserve the environment for future generations to come.

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