Our Products

We deploy super inverter chargers with efficiencies of up to 95% matched with our batteries (the heart beat of a typical Nigerian installation) to provide the very best power in the industry

Solar Panels

Our panels are carefully selected and tested from the very best among the Tier one range of solar panels. We guarantee a sustainable yield for at least 25 years and 15 years warranty.


Our hybrid inverter chargers are super-powered with high current Charging abilities with a warrant of 5 years


Our solar deep cycle batteries are very rugged and can withstand the tough terrain and power Outages. Comes with a warranty of 5 years.

Solar Street Light

Depending on what you are looking at and what your budget is, we can customize a solar street light solution to solve your problems. Our street light solution come in three definitive models:

  • The All-in-one Solar street Lights
  • The combo of Solar panels and Led bulbs, Charge controller and batteries
  • The solar street light hub

Our unique solar street hubs is very handy no matter what your budget is, we have a solution for you.

Solar systems for the Commercial and Industries – C & I

Many businesses such as hospitals, schools, shopping malls, hotels etc are beginning to embrace solar to completely eliminate unnecessary spending on diesels ……. why not come on board now and earn yourself some carbon credit apart from huge savings in millions of naira.


The reason many projects fail can mostly be put at the door step of batteries – due to inadequate charging and low charge/discharge cycles. Our batteries are among the very top 3 in the industry and capable of undergoing several cycle of up to 5 years @ 20% DOD.

Hence, we are confident of giving as much as 2 years warranty for some of our batteries.


Our inverter chargers are very rugged and designed to withstand the erratic power situation such as we experience daily in Nigeria. No wonder we are not afraid to tell you that our inverters can go live for up to twenty years and come with an unusual warranty of five years which is above the industry standards. We have as low as 12volt rated systems to cater for everyone and those that fits in for the C&Is.