About Us

Making affordable, solar energy accessible to all

Founded in 2011, Vanpeux Solar has changed the way energy is accessed –providing tenants, homeowners, businesses, schools and government entities, a more affordable and sustainable alternative to the inefficient and epileptic Power Grid. We undertake customized solutions for both the very low income earners that stay in tents and the very high that live in mansions. We have systematically crept into the provision of solar solutions for mini & micro grids and for the diesel reliant Commercial and Industry (C & I).

We recently launched our affordable home solar bundles that come with Television, Fans, Lights, Radios, Pressing irons and Phone charging. The acceptability that greeted this innovation has completely changed the way we do things in Vanpeux Solar.


In our bid to make solar affordable for all, we set out from the first day to ensure that assessing it is as simple as A, B, C.

We use the best of system technicians to handle each aspect from start to finish, while giving you a roadmap on how the system will work and save you money.

What you get is the best warranty in the industry and a performance guarantee for the life of the contract.